Closeout Sewing Notions and Wholesale Sewing Trims Products

GW Buttons and Wallace Textiles Inc have one of the largest inventories of CLOSEOUT SEWING NOTIONS, BLAZER BUTTONS, LEATHER BUTTONS, and LEATHER TRIMS at wholesale prices. Many of our millions of buttons came from factories in North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Virgina  from such clothing lines as Ralph Lauren, Jones of New York, Butte Mfgr., Lucia and others.

These items are an accumulation of SEWING NOTIONS TRIMS and METAL BLAZER BUTTONS over many years in the textile industry. Please click on the links below for more information on our products.


Metal, Horn effect, Leather buttons, Discount coat buttons, Ralph Lauren metal buttons, Pearl blazer buttons, corozo blazer buttons, RL peacoat buttons and more.


Leather trims, Leather piping, Leather welting, Rawedge leather trims, Surplus leather trims and more


Black beaded fringe, Garment shoulder pads, thread, cord stops,Gelberg foldover braid, buckles, 7″ navy brass jean zippers, Drings and more

To view and purchase these Wholesale Sewing Notions and Closeout sew trims online please visit us at eBay.

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