Closeout Sewing Notions & Blazer Buttons

Looking for a company that is well versed in TEXTILE SEWING NOTIONS, Cast Metal Buttons , BLAZER BUTTONS, Ralph Lauren Blazer Buttons, DESIGNER BLAZER BUTTONS, Leather buttons RALPH LAUREN SUIT BUTTONS , and Leather Trims related matters and offers wholesale pricing on all closeout sewing notions and Replacement Sewing Buttons?

Wallace Textiles Inc. and Thomas E. [Gene] Wallace Sr. have become experts in its industry and established a solid company in Gastonia, North Carolina 28054.  Over the years we have accumulated numerous testimonials from satisfied clients and have completed many successful projects.

We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of Closeout Sew Trims offers as often as possible. We can provide you with information regarding our wholesale pricing on closeout sewing notions.

Blazer Buttons

Blazer buttons, leather piping and other closeout sewing notions is the emphasis of our site is for providing you information about our large inventory of  closeout sewing notions.

The majority of our closeout sewing notions and collection of millions of blazer buttons, including pearl blazer buttons,  are located on eBay but we can be reached directly for custom orders or request for items you do not see on eBay for any of our closeout sewing notions.

Closeout sewing notions include a large selection of Metal Blazer ButtonsSuit Button Sets,  CC Metal Buttons , Ralph Lauren Coat Buttons, Leather Button Sets, Ralph Lauren Blazer Buttons Ralph Lauren Peacoat Buttons, Rhinestone Accent Pieces and Replacement Blazer Buttons.

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